Must have fonts

Must haves

Helvetica - Sans Serif (used fro magazine layouts, flyers and websites; alternatives are Futura and Univers) Rockwell (1934) - Serif Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk (1968) - Sans Seriff (alternatives Helvetica, Futura or Univers) DIN 1451 (1931) - Bauhaus - Sans Serif Garamond - Serif (Magazines, books, stationary (typesetting) Futura (1927) - Sans Serif Bebas Neue - Sans serif (Bebas Regular: google fonts) Lora (goes well with Roboto) - Serif (both see google fonts) Brandon Groteske - Sans Serif (alternative: Cabin see google fonts) Open Sans - Sans Bodini (alternative: Didot)

Free fonts web sites

Google Fonts: Font Squirrel: Font Space: Lost Type: DaFont:

Forbidden fonts

ITC Bradley Hand Blackoak Courier New
 Impact Monotype Corsiva Curlz Triple Condensed Papyrus Walmart Comic Sans